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Pennsylvania Fabulous Fall Festival



Who can attend the festival?

Any Modern Western square dancer or round dancer. Square dance program includes Mainstream, Plus, Plus DBD Advanced, and Challenge. Round dance program is Phase II–VI.


What is the cost to register for PAFFF?

A) Entire Festival (all four days) not staying at the hotel or if you are Campers/RV. $60 per person
B) Entire Festival when staying at least two nights at the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center. $50 per person
C) Friday or Saturday only $35 per person
D) Thursday night or Sunday morning only $15 per person

Youth (under 18) half the price of adult for any package.


Are Walk‐ins allowed at the Festival?

Yes, walk-ins are allowed at PAFFF. Walk-ins pay what registered dancers pay. Please see “What is the cost to register for PAFFF?” for pricing.


Can I attend individual sessions without attending the entire festival?

We offer admission for each day. However, admission is not available for a specific hour.


What is the PSRDF?

The PSRDF sponsors the Pennsylvania Fabulous Fall Festival. The PSRDF is the Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation. It is the governing body for Pennsylvania square and round dancers. For more information, please visit


How do I get a room at the hotel?

Please call the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center directly at 717-334-8121. Mention the PA Square and Round Dance for Sept 2022 to get PAFFF’s rates. Room rates are only guaranteed through August 1, 2022.


Do I need to reserve a room to attend PAFFF?

A room reservation is not required to attend PAFFF. However, there is a $10 discount if you stay 2 or more nights at the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center. Room reservations help offset the cost of the ballrooms. We appreciate your support for the Festival.


How do I reserve space for my RV?

Please call the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center directly at 717-334-8121. Mention the PA Square and Round Dance for Sept 2022 to get PAFFF’s rates. The PAFFF rate is guaranteed through August 1, 2022.


Why are there two names for the Eisenhower Hotel & Convention Center?

The Eisenhower Hotel & Convention Center is the complex’s name that is hosting the PAFFF. The Complex is composed of two hotels — the Aspire and Eisenhower. All rooms include a microwave and a small refrigerator. Hot buffet breakfast is also included in the price of the room. There are two hotels and, therefore, two prices for the rooms.

  • The Aspire is the first hotel that you come to in the complex. The rooms are slightly larger and the cost is $129.00 per night.
  • Eisenhower is the second hotel. The rooms are a little smaller than the rooms in Aspire. The cost per night is $109.00.


How far will I have to travel between hotel rooms and ballrooms?

There is an inside walkway between the two hotels. This walkway connects you to the ballrooms.


Will there be ICE CREAM???

Yes, there is ice cream!!! We can’t square dance without ice cream and many delicious toppings. The ice cream bar will be available on Friday and Saturday nights from 8‐10PM. The ice cream bar is self-serve and will cost $7.50 per person


What are the nearest dining options?

There are two dining options at the hotel complex — Richard’s Restaurant & Marketplace Deli. Quick Grab & Go options will be available for purchase during lunch and dinner each day throughout PAFFF. Complimentary hot and cold breakfast is included with a night’s stay at the hotel complex. Downtown Gettysburg is a short 10‐minute drive from the hotel with many dining options. The Hotel Concierge can provide suggestions for dining in town.


What about the Pandemic?

The Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center follows recommendations of the CDC and the State of Pennsylvania. The PSRDF will follow the recommendations at the festival as well. If you would like to see Eisenhower’s statement on the pandemic, please follow the link

By attending the festival, you assume all risk related to the pandemic. PSRDF, PAFFF and the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center cannot be held liable for any illness or injury.


What are other attractions in the area?

There are many historical things to see in Gettysburg. The hotel's website offers a list things to do:


What if I have a question that is not listed?

Please contact Naomi Fisher at [email protected] or complete the “Contact Us” page if you have any other questions.